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Technology is improving the healthcare industry is with telemedicine, or the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients, through technology communications in general. Read more


Dr. Jayme L. Rinn Cordially Invites You To…

The Dusty Boot
Monday May 7th, 2018 from 12:00-2:00 pm

Lunch is on us & learn about the Latest news and technology in Hearing Healthcare

Please RSVP to Dr. Rinn at 970-205-9445


YOUR FULLTIME VAIL VALLEY AUDIOLOGIST Appointments Available in office seven days a week with mobile, early, and late times also available upon request. Please call to schedule:

Call office: 970-205-9445 mobile: 303-929-0097

Vail Valley Hearing Center
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Enjoy Relief from Tinnitus

Anyone with tinnitus can benefit from the ReSound Relief app as part of a tinnitus management program. It offers a combination of sound therapy and relaxing exercises that aim to distract you from focusing on your tinnitus. Download the ReSound Relief app to play soundscapes and audio exercises. Balance the sounds between your right and left ears, or turn on the timer so you can fall asleep to soothing sounds. If you would like to learn more about Tinnitus relief, check out our Guide to Tinnitus.

Mobile Audiology Services

We think our services are pretty special. Obviously, though, we’re a little biased. But every once in awhile we look deeper into one of our services and realize how unique it truly is. 

Your hearing is one of the most important elements of daily life. If something’s not working right, the problem is not one that you can feasibly put off for a long time. You need solutions immediately, right where you are. Luckily, Dr. Rinn can provide that for patients.  She can fit, adjust, and maintain hearing aids on the go! Dr. Rinn wants to make your hearing care convenient and easily accessible.  The technology she uses combined with her mobile services allows for this. Gone are the days of having to commute to a physical office for a hearing service, your audiologist can come to you!  The only thing that Dr. Rinn cannot offer in a mobile capacity is your initial testing, fit and adjustment!

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