Batteries & Accessories

Hearing Aid Batteries & Accessories

All the newest hearing aids today, and in fact the majority available on the market, require Zinc Air batteries, which have a 2-3 year shelf life. Dr. Rinn always provides her patients with a three month supply of hearing aid batteries with the purchase of new hearing aid products. Offering a premium grade battery for hearing aids because they last longer than the lesser grades. She also provides a battery mailing service for those patients who like to receive batteries on a regular basis.

Vail Valley Hearing Center only works with established manufacturers of hearing aids batteries who Dr. Rinn knows produces the best products, suited for all types, including digital hearing aids, high frequency hearing aids and in canal hearing aids. VVHC is interested in both quality and convenience for our patients and offer discounts for batteries purchased in quantity.

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There are major problems with the way hearing aids are powered. This biggest problem is that the batteries need to be replaced often. The process of replacing a hearing aid battery requires dexterity and fine motor skills that many seniors fine cumbersome. Sometimes hearing aids run out of power and due to the difficulty of replacing the battery, people don’t use their hearing aid, which doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it is. Not using hearing aids leads to some pretty serious problems over time. Without our hearing, our brains are less stimulated, we disengage from our surroundings and our social lives begin to deteriorate. We need hearing aids for our overall health. We need to eliminate the reasons people might not use their hearing aids as much as possible and replacing batteries is one of them.

Beyond the biggest problem, there are also the problems of cost and waste. Batteries cost about $150 a year and disposal is harmful for the environment.

For 2015, a New Chapter for Hearing Aids

With the new ZPower battery technology, hearing aids will last through the day in one charge and only need one replacement a year. ZPower addresses all of the problems listed above. Instead of replacing a battery, hearing aids will only need to be charged at night. Since the battery isn’t replaced it will save hearing aid users roughly $150 a year and reduce the harmful waste from used batteries.

When the ZPower is released in March, we’ll be one the first in the front range area to offer it with all of the compatible hearing aids. If you are sick of replacing the batteries in your hearing aid, you’ll have to wait just a few more months.

Get in touch if you’d like VVHC to notify you when they come in.

Bluetooth earpieces for cell phones & iPod use

Earpieces for cell phones and IPods help to prevent the Bluetooth earpieces or earphones from falling out of the ear. Please watch the video on how the GN ReSound Linx pairs directions to your Apple Device.

Hearing Aid Accessories

VVHC’s wide variety of accessories is suited to many different styles of hearing aids. The following hearing aid accessories are available in the office for purchase:

  • Dry Aid Kits
  • Disinfectant Wipes
  • Battery Testers
  • Wax Removal Drops and Kits
  • Batteries
  • Hearing Aid Covers
  • Ear Gear
  • Various Cleaning Tools