Custom Hearing Protection

Aside from hearing aid products, Vail Valley Hearing Center offers a wide variety of different forms of custom ear plugs. We offer industrial noise blockers, swim plugs (when one needs to protect the ear against water or other debris), custom hearing protection plugs used during sleeping, hunting, power tool use and plugs that are used by motorcyclists.

Custom fitted earplugs, due to their nature, provides your with more consistent and reliable protection.

We offer services for custom hearing protection for a variety of patients:

Custom Occupational Hearing Protection

If you want a good life for yourself and your family, hard work is a given. The best of us shed sweat, tears and sleep during the harder moments. When work is long and life is busy, overlooking some of life’s blessings is easy. One blessing worth preserving is your hearing health. You should dump your energy into your work and family, but you shouldn’t unnecessarily sacrifice your health in the process.

Why you need to hear

You need to hear because your family expect you to listen. You need to hear because your peers depend on it for their safety. You need to hear because modern life isn’t very accommodating to those who can’t. And finally, you need to hear because it’s an important part of your health that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Use hearing protection no matter what

Whether you are in construction, forestry, fire safety, enforcement, manufacturing or sports, every occupation that requires exposure to above average noise levels should acknowledge the benefits of hearing protection. If your ears feel fatigued or ring after a long day’s work, you’ve done permanent damage. Given all we sacrifice for our occupation, our hearing shouldn’t  be included. Simple foam tips are often enough to reduce the most damaging noises to levels that preserve your hearing.

Industrial Hearing Conservation

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers have a hearing conservation program in place if the noise levels in the work environment are at an average of 85 decibels or more during an eight-hour workday.

Custom hearing protection can help

Custom hearing protection can block harmful noise while preserving the ability to communicate. They are more comfortable than hearing protection solutions that aren’t made for you, so you can wear them for longer periods of time and block a larger range of harmful noise more effectively. Since custom hearing solutions can be tuned for your line of work, they don’t need to be taken out constantly.

Vail Valley Hearing Center offers industrial hearing conservation to companies by conducting baseline and annual hearing tests, counseling regarding the use of hearing protection; custom fitted industrial ear protection, and record keeping.

We partner with Westone and 1964 for custom hearing protection.