Custom Hearing Solutions for You

You get to a certain point in life and there’s a good chance you’ve lived through a bad health care experience. Maybe insurance didn’t cover what you thought it should. Or, a doctor didn’t listen to you and provide the care necessary for your situation. Far too many people are transferred from office to office without being recognized as an individual with unique problems and needs. Some of those people eventually find their way to the Vail Valley Hearing Center. One such patient shared their story and this is what we heard.

A Non-Geriatric 87 Year Old Who Makes Us Look Lazy

At 87 years old, this patient looked like he was in his late 60’s at the oldest. Due to his age, his former audiologist lumped him in with their other geriatric patients. He was anything but.

Every morning he uses brainwave and training exercises to maintain cognitive function. He skis, bikes and hikes. Once a week, he sits in board meetings of his business and provides guidance. He’s in a movie club that critiques movies while dining. He doesn’t have any serious hearing problems that need to be addressed. Instead, he wants to make sure he’s hearing as much as possible within his different environments. Board rooms, movies, dinner tables and mobile apps with audio are all very different from a hearing perspective.

To accommodate his lifestyle, we fitted him with a ReSound LiNX so that he can customize his wireless hearing aids on the go through his phone. Instead of seeing him as aging and hard of hearing, we treated him like the individual that he was and will continue to be. With the right help, he’ll make us younger ones look out of shape for who knows how much longer.

We Want to Help You

Most men wait too long to get hearing protection, like Keith and Dr. Charles J Monlezun said in their own words. Here’s another recent letter we received:

“Dad, I am concerned that your slow loss of hearing over the last several years is isolating you from your children and grandchildren.” This concern prompted me to get hearing aids and I learned what a great gift they are to my enjoyment every day.

After five years I am an experienced hearing aid user, which includes understanding, the importance of the people I choose to buy from. After a couple of bad choices, I discovered the Arvada Hearing Center and found the ideal support I want for my total hearing enjoyment. They treat their patients as individuals and explain and demonstrate appropriate aids to enable the buyer to choose the right product.

Improved hearing enables you to connect with family and friends as you did when you were younger or not hearing impaired. Improved communications enhances social interaction an important part of living a fulfilling and long life. Add to these advantages the ability to hear the full range of the music you enjoy whether the church choir or other musical or stage events.

The Arvada Hearing Center’s after purchase service assures their clients years of satisfaction with the best-improved hearing performance.

– Jack Emerson, Denver

This patient didn’t wait too long though. For this patient and for Jim Dye, who wrote us an extremely kind letter regarding his experience with the LiNX, we were proud to have the opportunity to help integrate cutting edge medical technology into their lives right when they needed it. We’ll be glad to help you too. Stop by today and let us hear your story.