Hearing Aid Evaluation

Which Hearing Aid Is Right For You?

The process of hearing rehabilitation begins with a proper hearing aid evaluation. If you are currently wearing hearing aids, an assessment of whether or not this is the most beneficial hearing option is conducted. If there is a more appropriate option, you can demo new technologies and compare your existing hearing aid to what’s available.

Our comprehensive professional hearing services include educating patients that have never worn hearing aids about hearing aid amplification in general. Our office works with a full range of hearing aid options, click here to find out more about our products.

Hearing Aid Fitting

Once we make a recommendation for hearing aid amplification, the hearing aids are ordered from the manufacturer. Some hearing aids require a custom fit and an impression of your ear is taken. Many of the new styles of hearing aids do not require an impression and can be fit on the same day that they are ordered if the hearing aids are in stock.

The hearing aids are fit by programming them specifically to your hearing loss prescription using a computer. At that time, a verification measure is taken to insure proper fitting. We instruct and educate you on how to use the hearing aids. You are ready to begin your first week of the 30-day trial period with the new hearing aids.

Follow-up Care

The most important aspect of a hearing aid fitting is the follow-up care. As you begin to implement the use of hearing aid amplification into your life, there will be an initial adjustment period. We provide weekly follow-up visits during the 30-day trial period to accommodate this initial adjustment period as well as visits every 3-6months following the purchase of the hearing aids.

The purpose of these visits is to insure the hearing aids are adjusted properly and are working as well as possible.

Mobile Hearing Services

Another unique service that Vail Valley Hearing Center provides is our mobile hearing aid service. Almost all hearing aids are fit and programmed through a computer and we have Bluetooth devices that allow hearing aids to be programmed via a laptop computer. We can go to you if you are unable to come into the office for hearing aid services.

It is still necessary for the hearing evaluation to be conducted in the office in a sound treated booth, however, the hearing aids can be fit and adjusted outside the office. This service offers convenience to patients that may have difficulties making it into the office for whatever reason.

30-day Trial Period

The law of Colorado entitles the patient to a 30-day trial period with hearing aids. Colorado law also states that the hearing aid provider is allowed to retain up to 5% of the total purchase price if hearing aids are returned within the 30-day trial period.