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The hearing aid products VVHC supplies in conjunction with audiology services are of the most advanced in the industry. Dr. Rinn researches the newest hearing aids developments in order to provide patients with the best hearing rehabilitation available to them. Aside from the many different styles of hearing aids she supplies, she also deals with other ear products such as custom hearing protection devices, assisted listening devices, batteries and accessories.

VVHC offer a wide variety of hearing aid products depending upon the individual patient’s needs.  Dr.. Rinn reviews different hearing aid options that are best suited to the individual’s hearing and lifestyle needs.

Consumer Reports magazine offers a guide to different hearing aids that are available. This is a good starting point for patients to review in terms of getting an idea of the newest hearing aids available. Patients can familiarize themselves with the advances in digital hearing aids, invisible hearing aids, high frequency hearing aids, in canal hearing aids and the latest technology such as the use of cell phones and hearing aids.

However, to learn about the different options that are appropriate for your specific type of hearing loss, you will need to consult with the audiologist.

The different hearing aid manufacturers Dr. Rinn partner’s with are Cochlear, GN Resound, Sonic Innovations, OticonPhonak, Starkey, Unitron and Widex USA. For:

Buying Direct

Recently, a disturbing trend has emerged in the hearing health industry. Hearing aid manufacturers are operating audiology practices throughout the country. This raises a multitude of concerns for both patients and the audiologists that serve them. Obviously this practice constitutes a conflict of interest, but what does this mean for your hearing health?

Remember the old adage, “You get what you pay for”? In an age and an economy where everyone seems to be looking for the best deal, it’s important to remember that when something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

When it comes to your hearing health, an initial cost reduction may seem like a windfall, when, in reality, you may be paying for that initial discount for years to come in the form of repairs, poor service and in many cases, hearing loss. Here are few reasons to think twice about steeply discounted hearing health products and services.

What Are You Actually Paying For?

When considering any large purchase of any specialized device, it’s important to factor in not only the device’s base cost, but also the service associated with it. When you purchase discounted hearing aids from a warehouse chain or a health insurance mail-order company, what you are sacrificing is, simply put, service. The patient who obtains their hearing healthcare from a warehouse chain or health insurer mail-order company doesn’t receive the range of patient centered services that a private practice audiologist provides. Those services include a comprehensive exam performed with state-of-the-art technology, patient centered care and diagnostics, service for your hearing device, and the quality of care that comes from a healthcare provider who sees you as a whole person, not as another customer in line or another health insurance subscriber.

What Are the Dangers?

Would you scoff at the idea of a friend wanting to purchase, calibrate and install their own pacemaker? Or at a neighbor trying to perform their own endoscopy because it would cost less than going to a professional? Of course, we all would. These procedures are highly specialized and complicated, and trying to perform them on yourself, or having them performed by someone who is not qualified is foolish and dangerous. The same can be said of hearing aids. If not adjusted properly, these devices can cause hearing loss. The very thing you were trying to save money on may end up costing you your hearing health.

But What About Cost?

A private practice audiologist offers a breadth of services that are simply unmatched by their warehouse chain and health insurance mail-order counterparts. In addition to these important and, at times, life saving services, a private practice audiologist is someone that you know. They see you as a person and want to provide you with the services and devices that are best for you, not for their bottom line. If you are still concerned about cost, please contact Vail Valley Hearing Center today. We offer economic products and services as well as a variety of payment options to best serve you. Your hearing health is worth it.

Profit vs. Care

In a situation where a hearing aid manufacturer is bankrolling an audiology practice, a question one might ask is; “Will I be getting the hearing aid that best suits my needs?” The answer, unfortunately, is very possibly no. While these practices do offer hearing aids that are not made by their sponsoring manufacturer, they tend to push patients towards those aids which are. Why is this? Profit, plain and simple. By having their own practices, manufacturers are able to reach patients directly.

When the expectation is placed upon the audiologist to sell a certain product above all others, it becomes less likely that the patient’s needs and desires are being put first. Patients are unlikely to question their audiologist’s recommendations, especially if they are unaware that their audiologist is employed by or contracted with a hearing aid manufacturer. This practice is also detrimental to independent audiologists, who are now forced to compete with the very hearing aid manufacturers they do business with.

Seek Out Independent Audiologists

The upside, however, is that you have options and can avoid this practice impacting you. Vail Valley Hearing Center is independently owned and operated, and you can rest assured that you are receiving comprehensive, quality services and products that are designed to best meet your needs.

We strive to provide the best options for you, using every available resource to improve and maintain your hearing health. We have access to a variety of manufacturers of hearing products and can find the device that’s best for you without undue influence.