The Hearing Test

The Best Place for a Hearing Test in Vail Valley

Over 31 million Americans suffer from hearing loss. As we mature, the hearing system in the inner ear mechanism deteriorates due to wear and tear. The typical onset of hearing loss due to the maturation process occurs in most individuals in their early 70s. Early onset of hearing loss is usually due to environmental noise exposure.

Jayme Rinn, a Vail Valley Audiologist, fitting a hearing aidOnly about 10 percent of the hearing impaired individuals have the type of hearing loss that can be address medically or surgically, the other 90 percent are candidates for nonmedical intervention through an audiologist. If the hearing test results reveal hearing loss, the audiologist will make recommendations depending on the type.

If the hearing loss needs to be addressed medically, then a referral will be made to an Otolaryngologist (ENT). Otherwise, a hearing aid evaluation will be recommended.

Our hearing evaluation consists of a review of your health history, an inventory of your listening environments and needs, and a measurement of your hearing acuity (the hearing test). The hearing test measures hearing ability at different frequencies, speech discrimination abilities and loudness tolerance through earphones with the patient sitting inside a sound-treated booth.