Professional Hearing Services for You

Making Life Easier For Over 25 Years

Aside from the hearing evaluation, hearing advice and the regular audiology services we provide, at Vail Valley Hearing Center we also extend some specialized professional hearing services. These include a hearing aid fitting service for immobile patients.

Hearing Aid Fitting, Delivered

A unique service that Vail Valley Hearing Center provides is our mobile hearing aid service. Almost all hearing aids are fit and programmed through a computer. By implementing hearing aids with Bluetooth technology that allow for the device to be programmed via a laptop computer, we can offer a mobile hearing aid fitting service.

This allows us to go to a patient that is unable to come into the audiology centers for their hearing aid services. It is still necessary for the hearing test to be conducted in the office in a sound-treated booth, however, hearing aids can be fit and adjusted outside the office with the wireless monitoring systems.

This service offers convenience to patients who, for whatever reason, may have difficulties making it into audiology centers.