Satisfied Patients of Hearing Rehabilitation

As hearing centers cater to the health and wellbeing of patients, it is clear that patient care is the number one consideration of our business. At Vail Valley Hearing Center, we take great pride in the highly positive feedback we receive from our patients.

Dr. Rinn provides a wide variety of hearing Healthcare services including: Hearing evaluations and tinnitus consultations, cognitive Screenings, and custom fitted ear protection. In all cases, she takes the utmost care to ensure her patients leave completely satisfied”. Dr. Rinn offers continuing hearing advice to our patients, meaning our relationship with them carries on long after the initial consultation of our professional hearing services.

A Letter from One of My Patients

My journey to the use of an assistive hearing device began with a single incident injury. During mid-high school, I used a jackhammer inside the drum of a concrete truck to remove hardened product. Upon completion, I realized that my hearing was different: hollow, yet muffled with occasional ringing and, when in silence, the constant presence of what I called “crickets and frogs”. In fact, I have nightly, contentedly slept in the deep woods for all the years since that day.

Life went on. During college and graduate schools, I always sat nearby the lecturer and reading lips became increasingly relied upon. In marriage, one red flag was my not-always-so-comical response to what I thought I heard. My wife was incredibly patient, but on occasion, I was reminded that she was a speech major and did not speak with marbles in her mouth.

Professionally, I became a mental health therapist, spending the last thirty-five years (35) years of my career in my private practice. Ironically, I listened for a living.

Early in my practice years, an audiological exam resulted in being told that the technology to assist in my particular hearing loss simply did not exist. Consequently, I settled into a long strategy of coping and adapting but, my life was sprinkled with compromises and growing aggravations.

By retirement, I had seen in my practice many examples of how diminished capacity can impact an individual, marriage, and family on many levels. Early in my own retirement, I began to be more aware of such impact of hearing loss in my own life. A decision to revisit an audiologist was made as it became increasingly clear that I was living with my limitations but, so were my wife, family, and friends.

I chose to have an independent examination through the University of Colorado Medical School where my (increasing) hearing loss was confirmed. Happily however, I learned that biomedical technology had caught up with my particular problem. But most important, the consulting audiologist made this statement: “People with this kind of hearing loss are exhausted at the end of the day.” Eureka!! I had thought that I had retired because I was tired of my busy practice, when in reality, I had been tired in my practice. But now, I had an opportunity to re-energize my life.

Anecdote: On the morning of the above appointment, I went to coffee with a dear friend and neighbor, who had been prodding me for months to stop making (new) excuses and be seen. Over coffee, referring to our common (woodworking) friend, he announced, “Jim has a new grandson.” I quizzed him back, “Jim has a new handsaw?.” My friend smiled smugly and said, “Keep your appointment.” Welcome to the world of hearing loss. It can be funny but it is seldom fun. (Baby Bandsaw and mother are doing fine … )

After due diligence, I chose to be seen and followed by Arvada Hearing Center. There, professional product knowledge, competent clinical services and personalized care have characterized my relationship with the staff. Upon being fitted and switched on for the first time, I was asked what was it like. I answered that I felt as though I was emerging from a dark, insulated barrel. That sensation has been present with every use since day one. The staff at Arvada Hearing Center has transformed my hearing and therefore, my life. Gratitude seems like such an inadequate word.

I congratulate Arvada Hearing Center on their new home and look forward to a continuation of our relationship…

Dr. Charles J Monlezun

unnamed”I have been going to Arvada Hearing Center for 11 years for my hearing aids: they have been professional, courteous and understanding every visit. Jayme is very knowledgeable with the products they sell and keeps up with new developments within the industry. Jayme even took a tour of the fire station to better understand the hearing needs of a firefighter. I highly recommend Arvada Hearing Center.”

-Dave Frank, Denver Fire Chief

“I just want to let you know that I have enjoyed the service I have received at Arvada Hearing Center over the last 17 years.  I was originally referred to your establishment by a friend when I started having hearing loss at age 50.  I am now enjoying a much improved hearing situation in most areas of life.  It is good to know that your company keeps current on the latest technological developments in hearing systems and you have always been generous in updating my system to the highest available level at a reasonable cost.

I know hearing technology has changed a great deal over the last 20 years while my level of hearing loss has increased.  I would be unable to communicate in most situations without my current hearing aids.  They not only assist me in direct conversations but allow me to answer my cell phone, listen to music on my stereo and radio, plus hear clearer sounds on TV by means of the direct wireless connections.

Thanks again for the very good service you offer to your customers.”

-Dave Thomas

“My wife and I earlier today had the distinct pleasure of experiencing your companies exceptional customer service.  We were traveling through the Denver Area on business and pleasure,  and I had a problem with one of my Phonak hearing aids.  I went to the computer to locate Phonak representation in the area, and chose The Arvada Hearing Center. What a pleasant surprise!!!

Linda greeted us when we walked through the door. We explained our situation and she immediately said the Center would do what could be done to fix the problem.  She left the room for a moment and upon her return stated what was thought to be the problem, and that she wanted to check on the possibility that my device was still under warranty. After making one brief phone call, she had confirmed the warranty with Phonak, and stated that my hearing aid would be repaired right away.

Within 15 minutes of entering the Center, we were on our way. I have sung the praises regarding my Phonak for some time, however, Arvada Hearing Center’s customer service makes a good product GREAT. Please don’t change you policy regarding customer service – companies like yours are an endangered species in the U.S.

To whomever it may concern, I would highly recommend not only the product offering, but especially the customer service at the Arvada Hearing Center.”

-Art Guenter

“Sandra and I wish to thank you very, very much for your help with our son Keith.  It was a wonderful experience for Keith to be able to hear properly for the first time in many years.  Although he has had hearing aids in the past, the hearing aids that you have provided are much superior to the ones he has had.  It has made a wonderful difference in his life because he is trying to talk.  He now socializes more with family and friends.  Your professionalism and patience has made this possible.  The welcoming atmosphere of you and your staff always puts us, as a family, at ease.  We can’t thank you enough!”

-Keith, Sandra, & Randy